F-Code Breaker (Food Code-Breaker)


The F-Code Breaker session is designed for school children to use their best detective skills at uncovering the ingredients in common processed foods.

Acknowledging that being OVERWEIGHT is the number one reason for being bullied at school in Australia we want to teach kids about fruit and vegetables and how to stay away from processed foods.

The F-Code Breaker sessions are short and fun, complete with code books, magnifying glasses and examples of typical processed snack foods for kids.  The children will learn how to count ingredients in the foods, identify the country of origin of foods, analyse numbers and codes and what they mean, determine the shelf life, understand the colours, marketing claims etc.

The last 15 minutes of the session are spent making healthy smoothies from whole fruit and vegetables.  Tastings, of course, are included.

Download the F-Code Breaker course outline here and contact us at for bookings for your school.