At Home

Pantry Makeovers and One to One Mentoring

The greatest chance you can give yourself is to involve your family in healthy eating and healthy behaviour, and this starts at home.

Check your refrigerator, fruit bowl and pantry now … do they reflect a healthy, busy, vital life?

alternative fridge pic best

Talk to us about a pantry makeover and mentoring to kick start a healthier you (and therefore your family).  In the time allocated we can go through the reality of what is in your family home to eat and, with your family, highlight some poor choices with suggestions for better ones.


To organise our team to come out and educate your family on healthy eating at home, please email your interest here

Whilst we provide corporate healthy eating courses nationally across Australia, the Pantry Makeovers are only offered on NSW’s mid-north coast.


If it is in your fridge or pantry, you will eat it.