Useful Links

Useful Reading

The Younger Next Year book is a wonderful read (or audio file for your iPod), check out their website here Reading or listening to these guys regularly will help you keep motivated about exercise and is an easy to understand approach to the physiology of our bodies and what processed foods and a sedentary lifestyle has done to us.


In Defense of Food, by Michael Pollan is a thought-provoking read and highlights the marketing trap in the case of processed foods.  Michael Pollan is a big advocate of eating … food … not too much (by food, he means ‘food’, not so much of the fake-foods you find in the processed food aisle at your supermarket).  This is a good read to shake up your current food paradigm.


The Chemical Maze is a must for all families when transitioning into a more wholefoods lifestyle.  In The Chemical Maze you can look up all those numbers on processed foods and see what they really are.  Disturbing, but the truth sometimes hurts.


Great Viewing

Head to YouTube, search Raw Food or Whole Food or just search for whatever ingredients you have and check out the recipes – there are how-to videos, from Green Smoothies, to Kale Chips – you’ll love seeing just how big this Raw Food-Whole Food Revolution is.

Our favourite blog created by a bunch of twisted dark green juice guzzling space monkies – check it out and use it’s search function to find a-mazing raw recipes.

Fitness for locals

If you live close to us, you might like to check out a local fitness company that offers a range of fitness options – from Pilates to Boxfit and all in between.  Click here for Absolutely Fabulous Fitness – health is not just about the food!

Stockists of Kitchen Equipment for Raw Fooders

Food Dehydrator

Cuisinart Food Processor

Veggie Twister

Rocket Blender

Slow Motion Juicer – Vitalmax

Start Googling … It’s Up To You