Detoxify Your Body

This crazy western lifestyle we lead can create toxins in our body and lead to an unhealthy state, even if we are eating Whole unprocessed foods.  Harmful chemicals can build up in our systems and be stored for many years.  Stress and unease can create an ill at ease body that is prone to illness or immune-system sicknesses.  It is a good idea to conduct a detox a couple of times a year to give your body a boost, including going off stimulants like coffee, caffinated teas, alcohol etc for a period of time, plus give yourself a break from technology if you can.

Before starting a detox ensure you have boosted your system with minerals, for example calcium, sulphur, phosporus, sodium, magnesium – all these minerals are available in leafy greens, fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, oils and superfoods like gojiberries, cacao powder.  Make sure your body is ready.

Options for detoxifying the body include:

  • a single day or a series of consecutive days on organic green juices only
  • a single day or a series of consecutive days of organic fruit only
  • a week of no coffee, caffinated tea, alcohol
  • a week of whole foods only
  • a week with no screen time (ouch!)

all of the above options should always include consuming plenty of fresh water.


Choose your day’s activities carefully

If you are going to give your body a break and conduct a detox day (or short series of days) then ensure you have chosen the days that are not jam packed full of activities, stresses, appointments, responsibilities and worries.  These detox days should be calm, quiet and relaxed, with plenty of rest and snoozing, plenty of gentleness for yourself.

The body spends a lot of time on digestion, in fact on a SAD (standard Australian diet) the body is overwhelmed with the task of digestion, and typically the constant snacking, eating, drinking alcohol and soft drinks doesn’t help.  Give your body a break.  Having a juice detox for a couple of consecutive days will do wonders for your internal system and boost your body into working better for you in terms of sleep, restfulness, ability to cope and let go.

It’s Up To You