Staff Benefits

Staff Benefits

Unlike many Corporate Health and Wellbeing Workshops, this one will have lasting benefits for your staff (and their friends and families).  Unlike paying for staff to do Yoga, Pilates, Gym memberships or other activities that are not monitored, an It’s Up To You Corporate Health and Wellbeing day will have lasting effects on your staff.

By the end of the It’s Up To You Eat Right At Work day your staff will:

  • Have an understanding of how bad the obesity and illness epidemic has become.
  • Have an understanding of the clogged-up hospital and medical practices in Australia and New Zealand.
  • Become an active participant in their own health journey.
  • Have an understanding of lifestyle diseases and how important fruit and vegetables are to reduce the risk.
  • Have an understanding of what their SAD (Standard Australian Diet) has done to their body shape, body image, level of energy, level of fitness, ability to cope, outlook on life, approach to aging and disease
  • Identify their biggest health goal and have a clear plan to achieve it.
  • Discover why fruit and vegetables are the most powerful way of eating and how to bring their health to a whole new level.
  • Follow simple guidelines for introducing more leafy greens, fruit, vegetables, seeds and nuts, oils into their daily diet, including the meals and treats they consume in the workplace
  • Have an understanding of processed food and how food addictions happen.
  • Learn how to create a personalised eating plan and how to adjust it to their growing needs.
  • Accept motivation from others at work that will support their change.
  • And much more…

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