Corporate Health and Wellbeing

Corporate Health and Wellbeing

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If, like most contemporary companies, you have a genuine interest in the health and wellbeing of your staff you may have already considered some options, perhaps you have installed bicycle racks at work, or have paid for gym memberships, massage, or brought in annual blood pressure checks or flu immunisations, paid for fruit bowls in lunch rooms, but have found this is merely lip service to the bigger problem of unhealthy, overweight and even obese staff.

Take a look at findings below from a study on Healthy vs Unhealthy Workers in Australia.

Healthy Unhealthy
2 days annual sick leave 18 days annual sick leave
Self-rated performance of 8.5 out of 10 Self-rated performance of 3.7 out of 10
143 effective hours worked (full time) per month 49 effective hours worked (full time) per month
Healthy diet High fat diet
Fit, energetic, alert Low energy levels and poor concentration
Normal body weight Overweight or obese
More attentive at work and better sleep patterns Irregular sleep patterns
Actively manage stress levels Poor stress management techniques
Research conducted by Medibank Private (2005) The Health of Australian’s Workforce, p9.

It’s up to You runs corporate workshops to take a practical look at the physical health of your employees – often this is a disappointing eye-opener. If you asked your staff to rank themselves from strongest to weakest in just four key areas – intelligence, physical, emotional and relationship strengths. What would be the split for your workplace? Would you have a high percentage of your employees ranking themselves as strongest in physical, or, like most workplaces we have seen, do you have wonderful staff, but are they, well … on the unfit side of the quadrant?

How do you know your staff are seeking and searching for an improvement to their physical strength and fitness?  Because your lunch room has more Weight Loss Program Shake bottles in it than glasses, that’s how. We are not new age gurus, we are all from the corporate sector, and we have a presentation that engages and motivates staff from all walks of life.

In just 3.5 hours your staff and executive team will be brought up to speed on how bad the obesity and health crisis is in Australia and New Zealand. We will take the rose-coloured glasses off and take a blunt look at the typical health standards of your business – don’t worry it’s not personal, in fact you will find that your business is not unique, right across Australia and NZ we have found employees struggling to do their jobs due to poor food choices. You don’t need to start the day with three hits of caffeine, nor do you need a 3 o’clock sugar hit, but the problem has got so bad, that people DON’T KNOW what they should be doing – that’s where we can help.

Once we are all on the same page as to how bad the problem really is, we will show you how to move the microwave out of the staff kitchen and install a blender, putting together a strategy to make some profound improvements to workplace health and wellness. We teach your staff quick and easy things to commence immediately, these small changes have been proven to have a huge impact on not only weight but energy, enthusiasm and team spirit. Some of your staff will want to embrace the entire program’s concepts, but all will find it easy to understand, it will make sense and help them take steps to better health and wellbeing at work (and at home, and when travelling and for special events!).

Our strategies have a broader reach than voluntary programs that the ‘usual suspects’ sign up for, leaving the staff who really need some health training out of the picture.

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