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Linda Wells

Linda Wells

Linda Wells, the accredited and experienced corporate presenter, is known for her humour and exceptional people skills when conducting presentations and workshops on healthy eating.   Linda is committed to reducing the rate of obesity in Australia and New Zealand and takes the message out into the corporate sector in the hope that adults will become role models for their children.

After working for corporate Australia for the last 25+ years, Linda walks the walk and talks the talk.  She has been a shift worker for Qantas Airways, a Sales and Marketing Manager for a dairy company, a Workplace Trainer for a major Water Authority and a Franchise Sales Manager for a large Australian Hotel company, and also run her own training and development business.  Linda knows what it takes to be healthy at work, she also knows how to stand out amongst the unhealthy eating patterns so prevalent in today’s corporate workplace.  Linda is not afraid to be different. Linda uses employees themselves to uncover or remember what they already know – eat fresh fruit and vegetables for a healthy life, she also teaches employees to help each other, mentor each other and support each other.  Linda has assisted organisations to develop a culture of healthy eating and physical activity, enhancing their staff retention, reducing sick days and increasing team morale.

Always passionate about food in general, Linda thoroughly enjoys training groups in corporate wellness workshops and lectures and is a popular trainer for small groups or as a guest speaker to large conferences.  Linda also runs regular healthy eating cuisine workshops in NSW.

Linda is currently studying a Certificate IV in Allied Health (Nutrition and Dietetics).


Jody Morris


Jody Morris, a mother of three teenagers is a dedicated health and fitness professional.  With a career spanning aviation and sports fitness, Jody has worked for Netball Victoria and is a volunteer for Netball Australia’s Test Series, Vixen’s home games Volunteer and coaches U17 Essendon team, is Team Manager for U14 Football team and has coached sport and fitness at both Lowther Hall and Penleigh Essendon Grammar schools.

Jody exemplifies a healthy family lifestyle with not only sport but food and healthy eating, combining all the tasks and activities required in running a family with the demands of running her husband’s business and staying fit and healthy herself.   A workplace training course on healthy eating run by Jody will leave you in no doubts that life is a balance and a juggling act of priorities – with family health and fitness and personal health and fitness being number one for Jody.  Through personal experience and a life full of family, overseas travel, business, sport, volunteering Jody is an exciting presenter and a valued team member at It’s Up To You.

Jody is currently studying a Certificate IV in Allied Health (Nutrition and Dietetics).


Eating healthy at work and at home involves change.  Linda and Jody are able to educate your staff on why they need to change, what to change, and how to go about it.  Our team will also work with your HR department to ensure key health concepts transfer into corporate beahaviour for healthy eating at boardroom lunches, conferences and social get-togethers for employees. To find out more about the Eat Right at Work Program or the Healthy Bursts set of workshops, Corporate Fitness workshops, or school programs like F-Code Breaker (food code breaker) email us here to talk about your individual needs : info@itsuptoyou.com.au.

It’s Up To You can provide a trainer at your location, on-site for multiple days, for back-to-back training, or a one-off kick start to your wellness programs.

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