Christmas Cheer not always that cheerful!

I was offered a piece of Christmas cake today in an office I was working at.  

It looked lovely, but I’m never sure of the ingredients at this time of the year, so I declined.  No, I’m not perfect, I did eat chocolates …

However, I did jump onto the bakery chain website to check ingredients, as a matter of interest, as it’s a nice present to give clients or even to buy and serve to the family on Christmas Day – spreading the cheer.

Ok, so of the long list of ingredients, 17 of them are numbers, of those numbers 9 of them are listed as ‘best avoid’ on the Chemical Maze app for checking food additives. 

For those of you who have attended my Eat Right at Work workshops, you will know I’m a fan of eating things that are recognisable, ingredients you see for what they are, rather than a bunch of compounds and numbers.  If you are having a work morning tea/afternoon tea or even if you are making something special for Christmas day with the family  … try not to buy a mass produced item loosely labelled as ‘food’.

If you wanted to have some ‘wow’ factor at home on Christmas day, you could always opt for a watermelon ‘cake’.  Cut a watermelon into the shape of a cake, drain a little bit in the fridge, and smother with whipped coconut cream and decorate with fruit.  When you slice it, you get the wow factor alright.

Merry Christmas and try to eat healthy, in particular, try to let your children eat healthy.