Welcome to a Healthy 2018

For most of us, the start of the year is a time to reflect on our goals for the coming months, and think about what we could improve.  Often people want to get fit, eat better, give up smoking, reduce drinking and exercise more.  Coincidentally, we have a corporate workshop called Eat Right at Work that focuses on these same areas.

According to the National Health Survey, there are 6 key areas that Australian’s are falling short on, in terms of their health:

  1. Not eating enough fresh Vegetables
  2. Being physically inactive
  3. Being overweight
  4. Not eating enough Fruit
  5. Drinking at a risky level
  6. Continuing to smoke

Looking at the list above, it’s not rocket science, it’s not some complex formula that we are missing out on, so why is it so hard to get and stay healthy.  I enjoy exploring these issues with employees from various walks of life.  It’s interesting how quickly we have become attached to ‘quick & easy’ meals, even the so-called healthy options are often a long way from healthy, and we have dumbed ourselves down into thinking we are doing the right thing. 

In our workshops you will learn how to read the backs of packets (you can pretty much ignore what’s on the front of packets – that’s called marketing, even the real information on the back of the pack is restricted to the bare minimum big-food has to tell you).  We will teach you how to look up the numbers and what they mean (and then forget it, as real food doesn’t have numbers – and we will show you how to choose real food!)

Your company can book a full day Eat Right at Work training day, or schedule a set of Healthy Bursts talks, designed to be conducted over 5 consecutive lunchtimes, at your workplace.  Employees bring their lunch, and sit in on a 45 minute talk covering Code Breaker on Processed Food, DNA is Not My Destiny, Relating Behaviour to Risks to Health, Alcohol Consumption, MeasureUp.

If your organisation could do with a focus in January on healthy eating and exercise, please contact us at linda@wellrepresented.com.au for a quote.

Welcome to a Healthy 2018 in your Workplace.