You are what you eat!

An increasing number of Australian adults and children are overweight and suffering from diet related illnesses associated with malnutrition and obesity. Research findings consistently show that we are not consuming enough leafy greens, fruit and vegetables, but rather are living on a processed food/packaged food diet.

Predictions for the health of Australians in the next 7 years are grim.  Instead of waiting until the year 2025 with more than 75% of the adult population overweight or obese, we want to address the issue NOW.


75% of Australians are predicted to become overweight or obese by 2025

The problem is TODAY, not in 2025.  What are you doing today to ensure you are healthy tomorrow – better yet, what kind of role model are you in terms of healthy behaviour in your workplace, your home and your community?

We can help you get motivated to get healthy today.  It’s Up To You comes to your workplace, talks to your employees across 6 critical areas:

  1. Increasing vegetable consumption
  2. Increasing (or commencing physical activity)
  3. Increasing fruit consumption
  4. Reducing the consumption of processed foods and so-called junk foods
  5. Reducing risky alcohol consumption
  6. Cessation of smoking

Plus much more.

We can tailor a training package to suit your workplace and operational requirements or you can Download the Course Outline for the Eat Right at Work Program here.  The Eat Right at Work program is designed to be delivered at your workplace and is a fun, interactive session, with many valuable takeaways.

We also can come to your workplace over 5 lunchbreaks and deliver our Healthy Bursts courses, these run for a duration of 45 minutes over 5 days, designed to deliver a different topic each day, with employees either attending all, or picking and choosing the topics of interest to them.  Learn more about the Healthy Bursts workshops here.

Employee Health and Wellness Training is much more than a ‘nice to have’ option, it is now recognised as having a valid return on investment.

Free Recipes

If you follow us on Facebook (It’s Up To You) or Instagram (lindasorganiclarder), you’ll see some delicious plant-based meals posted – click here to go to Recipes so you can try them at home. All recipes are easy and use a range of ingredients you may or may not be familiar with, but items that can improve your health (even just by pushing out some heavily processed things from your diet).


It’s Up To You

Great Workshop - wish I had done this years ago - really interesting and will be making changes, it should be mandatory for every department!
- Yarra Ranges Council, Vic